Quick chat with Assistant Manager ‘Grazey’

Ahead of tomorrows massive game against College 1975 FC we sat down and had a quick chat with the club’s new assistant manager Graham ‘Grazey’ Malcolm.

First of all tell us a bit about yourself…

I left England in May 2016 having been a full time coach working at Wycombe Wanderers and MK Dons and I was also a non league manager with a very successful team called Flackwell heath on the outskirks of High Wycome, Buckinghamshire.

How did you come to meet Lewis and get involved in FC Olympique 13?

I was looking to help a mens team in Gibraltar and contacted Lewis through social media, he had agreed for me to put a session on for the club and to be honest we have never looked back.

The club we’re labelled favourites at the start of the season, was that an added pressure to the new squad?

I think the start was to be expected so many faces were new to everyone and we were literally going from game to game learning about the dynamics of the team.

The goal is promotion, do you think they boys can achieve it?

To be promoted is simple, we need seven straight wins but to do that we will need to be at a consistently higher level it’s fair to say we have the squad to attain this but there are several teams in this league that will feel the same.

Any different plans for the second half of the season?

Training is key and Lewis tries to get 3 session a week and to be honest when we all can make it the levels are high.

It was a great win against Europa Point in the Gibtelecom Rock Cup, it will hopefully lift the belief a bit more at the club.

The rock cup has been a bonus getting an extra game before Monday’s clash will undoubtedly help us.

Who do you fancy in the next round?

I head up the youth section with Robert Montovio at Gibraltar United so anyone but them please!

What changes would you make to Gibraltar league football to progress the game?

The change is obvious to me one Gib minimum in the Premier division is never going to develop this country. I’d like to see it raised to 5/6. If you go backward a few years and look at San Marino you will see a major development inside 10 years.

and finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to get into the game?

Coaching has been my life after football. You need to attach yourself to a good club, do your badges and see where it takes you.