Professor Miljcovic is proud to be green ​!

A wonderful musician loves our club and makes us happy with a great gift.

FCO 13 (instrumental) by Aleksandar Miljkovic

Aleksandar Miljkovic was born 1975, he is teaching double bass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, as well as in music school “Stankovic” in Belgrade, where he workes from 2002. 

He graduated double bass in Belgrade, and simultaneously studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stokholmu, Sweden. He attended his master studies at the Conservatory in Salamanca, Spain. He also completed the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, USA.

He has held many solo concerts and public events, among them the solo concert in Vienna, Spain, Sweden, America, Serbia… You can take a look if you like here or here or here !

Wow what a CV, but guess what? He is also a huge FAN of FC Olympique and not only him but also his lovely mother Olivera. She was born in Belgrade in 1935. She has spent a whole while in Gibraltar as a medical worker. That was long before FCO 13 was born but the connection to the Country remained.

“We love football and your club! We are huge fans and we follow your path online. We hope to be able to watch a match live when we will visit Gibraltar next time. The music is our contribution to your club and we hope you like it” they told us.

Well yes!!! We like it!!! What a great gift.

Thank you and your mother Mr Miljkovic. And hopefully, we see you soon on the pitch!